“I was in search of a sacred practice. I knew that I loved yoga, but I also knew that many teachers don’t honour its sacred roots. Deva is the embodiment of devotion. His love for and knowledge of yoga carries the practice and transmits its sacred gifts. Yoga is no longer simply a physical workout, but a beautiful surrender to love through the body. I leave each class with a deep feeling of joyful bliss, and a renewed sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Thank you for sharing your passion in this way Deva! Your classes have a depth that I feel extremely grateful for.”

Georgia (writer)


“Deva’s classes are a lovely heart centred, meditative unwinding, deepening into a serene inner stillness and calm. A very rich and thorough, yet gentle class with lots of attention to details, bringing and breathing the asanas to full life and consciousness. They leave me feeling refreshed, re-centred and warmed.”

 Autumn (Yoga teacher)


“Deva’s teaching is truly from the heart. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that guides and directs his classes. As a student, you feel beautifully held in that bubble of wisdom. I trust him completely. He teaches with depth, sensitivity and humour. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to experience a complete vision of yoga and it’s place in the awakening of the soul.”

Tara (Yoga Teacher)


For anyone who is interested in a mindful and meditative yoga practice that focuses on developing awareness and opening the heart, these classes are a very unique and rare opportunity. Devamurti’s gentle and inspiring presence combined with his experiential yoga knowledge creates a wonderful space for those who are interested in either tasting the effects of yoga for the first time or just taking their current practice a step further.”

 Natali (mental health professional)


Deva’s class gives me a deep sense of inner peace and relaxation and I feel a deeper connection to my inner self. It is a flowing, gentle, nurturing class which gives a great physical, emotional and spiritual work out. I have learned about my own body limitations and abilities and am definitely starting to feel more flexible. I always leave feeling more at peace within myself. Deva’s classes have clearly highlighted to me the need for peace and stillness in my life and I see it as something which is helping to guide me along my spiritual path. I find it very easy to commit to this class because it is a pleasure to be there :)”

 Emma (care worker)


Devamurti has a deeply sincere approach to his practice, his gentle and respectful manner has set me at ease. Even though my ability to achieve the asanas might be limited I feel much benefit from the deeply relaxing practice. By the end of a session I usually feel completely blissed-out and my body is also becoming more flexible. I have been blessed with some wonderful Yoga teachers over the last fifteen years, each having unique gifts. Devamurti brings a deeply spiritual commitment to his work and appears to be able to create a very beautiful space in which transformational work can happen. I highly recommend him as a gentle, respectful and safe practitioner.’’

 Jackie (retired)


‘The Heart of Tantra’ yoga system is a cure for what remains out of control and a gateway to peace so that love might be reconciled. This system does not offer dogmatic conclusions as answers to doubt, but an accessible route to define the inner vision that I might never have recognised.

So many paths lead to a single divine and I personally recommend ‘The Heart of Tantra’ system as this practice has opened my mind’s eye to the space within that has rested dormant for so much of my life. Deva’s classes are a necessity and a luxury well worth indulging in…only wish I had turned on to it sooner. See you there!

Nigel (Entrepreneur) 


“I feel blessed to have experienced a number of deeply relaxing sessions with Deva. It is a truly wonderful massage treatment, so clearing on every level. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you so much.’’

 Kate (Business Dirrector)


Thank you for the best massage yesterday Devamurti. I felt totally relaxed and nurtured. You have such a gift, thank you for sharing it. Highly recommend! Xx”

 Aradhana (yoga teacher / raw chef)


Deva’s massages are amazing! The combination of different massage techniques and energy work leaves me feeling completely relaxed and thoroughly nurtured, from head to toe, body and soul. A blissful experience!”

 Will (Currator)