Hypno-Yogic Therapy

What is it?

Imagine being able to experience the sleeping state with your conscious awareness intact. This is the hypno-yogic state.

Simply put, hypno-yogic therapy uses the tantric technique of Yoga Nidra in its therapeutic application for implanting useful suggestions into ones psyche. By deeply relaxing the body, introverting the senses and stilling the mind, the practitioner can reach what is known as the ‘hypnogogic’ state. In this state we isolate the brain and become introverted, while maintaining a degree of external awareness by listening to and mentally following a series of instructions. This is achieved using yogic techniques based on ancient tantric teachings. For this reason Swami Satyananda the yogi who formulated yoga nidra calls this the ‘hypno-yogic state’.


What this therapy can do for you

  • Overcome fears or phobias
  • Achieve relief from anxiety and stress related disorders such as migraine or insomnia
  • Change or eliminate certain destructive or limiting behaviours such as overeating or social anxiety
  • Find freedom from addictions you wish to overcome such as nicotine, drug or alcohol addiction
  • Relief from longstanding illness even those termed ‘serious illnesses’
  • Pain relief
  • Help to find direction in your life, discover your life’s purpose or develop a particular project
  • Exam success. HYT can be used effectively to memorise specific information for an exam.


Hypnoyogic therapy can help with all of these things and more. It is suitable for children, adults, the sick and aged.

If you have any questions at all or if you would like to book an appointment, feel free to contact me .


How a session looks

We will start with a cup of tea and a chat about what you would like to work with during the session and this may mean digging a little deeper to find the root of the issue. I will take notes and together we will formulate some statements and affirmations that I will go on to use during the yoga nidra.

Then you will lie down for around 40 minutes for the yoga nidra session. I begin by relaxing you into the hypnogogic state using techniques such as visualisation, special kinds of breath awareness and mantra. During the session I will implement the affirmations and statements that we are working with.

Once the yoga nidra is over we will have a short chat before ending the session.

Sessions cost £60 and usually last around 1 ½ hours. They can be recorded on to mp3 upon request.

Read more about hypnoyogic therapy here.

Read Swami Satyannada’s exposition of yoga nidra here.


Hypno-yoga explained

Yoga Nidra is a state of profound psychophysiological relaxation and metabolic rest in which a fundamental release and readjustment in the controlling mechanisms of the autonomic nervous system occur.

In terms of brain science, yoga nidra is a state where periodic bursts of alpha brain waves are interspersed between alternating periods of beta and theta predominance. Simply put this means that the body and certain parts of the mind are asleep and what remains is the experience of deep relaxation whilst being able to maintain a level of awareness sufficient to access and influence the subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind.

Swami Satyananda’s discovery of yoga nidra is based on the ancient tantric technique of nyasa  meaning ‘to take the mind to that point’ whereby one moves one’s awareness around one’s body using specific and sometime complex mantras for each part of the body. Therefore the technique of nyasa is not very accessible as, among other things, it requires the discipline of learning a huge amount of complex mantras

Satyananda Yoga Nidra TM is a simplification of nyasa and was used by Swami Satyananda himself for teaching certain material to his students and implanting certain positive ideas into individuals’ minds for the healing of specific illnesses, neuroses and conditions.


With prem and oms,