One-on-one Meditation Sessions

My life’s passion and my goal for these meditation sessions is simple, to guide you into the inner most depths of Who You Are and to explore the depths of Being.

I teach meditation in a unique and powerful way whereby we practice with the eyes open and closed, in siting and sometimes standing positions dependant on you physical abilities and meditation experience.

I have found that leading my clients into a state of stillness is most efficiently achieved using eye contact and very specific personalised guidance which is why a one-on-one session is very different from the group classes I teach.

The guided meditations sometimes lead into more of a healing or healing meditation session if this is something that together we are guided into.

These sessions can be powerful and I recommend that you take good rest and solitude for some time after the practice, avoiding any undue stimulation or distraction such as T.V., phones, reading and so on.

Sessions are 1.5 hours at cost £50

In service,