Yoga Therapy

One on one yoga therapy sessions

Regular yoga classes are an essential supplement to one’s personal daily practice and if you are new to yoga and do not have a daily practice they can be an excellent inspiration to begin one and maintain it.

However, sometimes you may have a specific ailment or emotional issue that you need help with. Or perhaps you perceive a deficiency in some aspect of your personality which you would like to work with through yoga.

Whatever the problem, it can be accounted for within either a deficiency of a particular chakra, within a belief or a behaviour pattern that you currently hold and nearly always in the resistance that one has to the perceived deficiency.

Yoga can help alleviate all of these triggers, whether it be hatha yoga, mantra yoga, bhati yoga, raja yoga and so on. By talking over the problem together we can tailor make a daily practice and discuss specific tactics suited to your individual needs which can improve or eradicate the condition that is troubling you.

What a session looks like

We will begin chatting over a cup of tea to ascertain the specifics of your problem, then I will devise a personalised regular daily routine. I will show you how to perform the practices, whether they be asana, pranayama, meditation practices or others.

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Sessions cost £60 and usually last around 1 ½ hours.

If you have any questions at all or if you would like to book an appointment, feel free to contact me.

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