Courses and Events

  • ShivShakti Sadhana: Three day tantra yoga intensive - Fully Booked

    • Course Length: 3 days
    • Starts: 8.15 AM 8th November 2016
      ...and runs daily
      ...until 5.30 PM 10th November 2016
    • Cost: Q690 (Optional accommodation $20 / day)
    • Location: MahaDevi Ashram, Tsununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    This is a three day non-residential workshop retreat focussing on key aspects of the yogic paradigm that I have found most effective and powerful on my own spiritual journey.

    Whilst the practices in the yoga classes will include asana, pranayama, mudra and bandha as in other forms of hatha yoga, the focus in this retreat will be meditation, breathwork and abidance in the infinite ground of Being.

    I teach yoga asana based in stillness and an attitude to sadhana (spiritual practice) rooted in the innate human desire for truth.

    The aim of this workshop is to give you a taste of how it is to rest in the ground of Being; the natural state, and to incite your aspiration to awaken in this life...

    This is deep inner work suited to those who wish to cut through the superficialities of modern yoga and spirituality and experience traditional tantric practices based on the information presented in the ancient texts of yoga and tantra.

    ~To read more about the meaning of tantra, see my article here :

    ~To read about the teacher, (Devamurti - Bihar School of Yoga)
    go here:

    The price for this three day event is Q 690, including lunch all three days (to pay in advance - or on the door if there is space).

    Accomodation (optional) with breakfast and dinner included is $25 per night.

    -The daily schedule will be the same each day :

    8.15 -- Arrive and meet
    8.30 -- Opening circle and Introductory Talk
    9.00 -- Tantric Hatha Yoga class
    11.30 -- Meditation
    12.30 -- Vegan Ayurvedic Lunch (provided)
    1.30 -- Yoga Nidra
    2.30 -- Guided Meditation / Pranayama
    4.30 -- Q and A / sharing
    5.30 -- Finish

    Directions to the ashram here:

    (Please note I won't be able to respond to enquiries between the 30th and the 3rd November as i'll be in retreat myself)

    FB Event for the retreat CLICK HERE
  • Detoxify your body the yogic way. - Fully Booked

    • Course Length: 3 hrs
    • Starts: 27/04/13
      ...and runs 1pm
      ...until 4pm
    • Cost: Cost is £25 in advance / £30 on the door (though places are very limited so this option may not apply - contact me to check)
    • Location: Ananda Bhavana - 7 Hurlingham Rd. St. Andrew's, BRISTOL. BS7 9BA

    The yogis of ancient times were experts at removing toxins from their systems... from phlegm, bile and gas to psychic and sub mental impurities.

    This workshop will deal mostly with how to removes the unwanted toxins from your physical body using techniques called the shatkarmas (or kriya yoga).

    I will present to you the theory and practice and you can then confidently carry out these cleansing practices in the comfort of your own home.

    Once you know these techniques i guarantee you will use them again and again - some daily, some monthly for the rest of your life. You will save huge amounts of money if you currently pay for colonic irrigation as one of the simple DIY yogic methods has the same, if not more beneficial affect.

    In this workshop i will introduce the basics of Ayurveda to explain how and where we collect toxins and why the cleansing practices are beneficial and necessary in order to have a healthy and balanced system.

    These practices work on a physical level by removing toxins from the body which will boost your immune system. They also work on a subtle level as well; clearing blocked energy channels so that you can perceive energy within you more clearly.

    The class will include some simple asana and meditation.

    I will provide printed notes for your reference.

    Places are limited, so advance booking and payment is necessary.

    Please bring blankets and note pad / paper.

    Location: Ananda, 7 Hurlingham rd. St. Andrew's, BS79BA

    Facebook event here:
  • ‘Heart of Tantra 1’ - Fully Booked

    • Course Length: 10 weeks
    • Starts: 23/04/13
      ...and runs Every Tuesday, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
      ...until 25/06/13
    • Cost: £115
    • Location: 'Ananda' - 7 Hurlingham rd, St. Andrews, Bristol. BS9 1BB

    This is a yogic studies course for people wishing to deepen their understanding and experience of yoga. The course will offer a systematic introduction to the theory and practice of the various branches of yoga. It will involve weekly lectures as well as Hatha (including postures), Raja and Mantra Yoga practice.

    Through the weekly lectures, the basic principals of the Tantric and Vedantic understandings of yoga will be explored and I hope to shed light on the various and often confusing aspects of the yogic paradigm.

    I will also be offering free guided meditations to participants of the course some Monday and Thursday mornings, these will be either given by me or we will listen to pre-recorded meditations given by my guru Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati or meditations guided by other Swamis from Bihar School of yoga.

    Participants of this course will receive a 50% discount on any of my other yoga classes attended within the 10 week period. I will also make available audio recordings of certain practices and lectures and i will provide printed notes for the lectures.

    The course is for five people only so if you are interested please contact me to pay a deposit to secure your place. Drop in places are occasionally available so please contact me if you are interested.

    If you are unable to attend one or more of the classes, you will be able to catch up those class lectures at a later date without charge and attend another weekly class in place of the ones you missed.

  • Event: An Evening of Kirtan with Haripyari - Fully Booked

    • Starts: Saturday 5th October
      ...and runs 7:00pm
      ...until 9:00pm
    • Cost: £10 waged £8 low wage • £6 concession
    • Location: Ananda Bhavana - 7 Hurlingham Rd. St. Andrew's, BRISTOL. BS7 9BA

    Kirtan is the yogic practice of singing from the heart. Dropping down out of our busy minds, we settle our focus in the heart centre, where, in all of us there is love, compassion and beauty; and we use our voices to express that love.

    Together we will sing simple Sanskrit Mantras (chants in a powerful ancient language), that have a profoundly healing effect on our subconscious and our energetic system. You can join in singing, dancing, clapping or simply basking in the sound. Kirtan is fun, it feels good, and brings one into a place of peace, wellbeing and blissful joy.

    There will be an opening consecration and final grounding meditation led by the beautiful Devamurti (From 'The Heart of Tantra')

    Facebook event here:
  • EVENT: High Power, One Love World Kirtan with Antarma - Fully Booked

    • Starts: 2nd March 2013
      ...and runs 7.30 PM
      ...until 9.30 PM
    • Cost: £10/£8/6 : waged /low wage /concessions
    • Location: Wild goose Space, St. Werbergs, Bristol

    Antarma is back in Bristol so come and chant and dance together as one!

    One Love World Kirtan with Antarma - bringing together ancient Sanskrit Mantra's and Sacred Songs from around the World with Modern Rap, Afrobeat and reggae.

    These are divine heart songs held with the djembe heart beat... spontaneous, fun and joyful.

    Using our voices, hands and hearts together to bring healing and love to everyone everywhere!

    Opening consecration and final grounding meditation led by Devamurti (From 'The Heart of Tantra')

    Ya Salaam Shalom - Aum Shanti - Peace - One love!

    Cost: £10/£8/6 : waged /low wage /concessions

    Click here for Facebook event and see who's going