‘The Heart of Tantra’ Yoga System

‘The Heart of Tantra’ yoga system

First and foremost, Yoga is an empirical science of awakening. This implies that we must first know and experience that we are in some way asleep and start our exploration towards truth from there. ‘The Heart of Tantra’ is most valuable for those who with the burning desire to answer the fundamental questions of life such as ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is reality?’ and this system is suited to those whose lives are guided by this inner movement. Once one becomes serious about needing to know Truth, it seems our individual path towards awakening then oscillates between the pain of realising the extent of our unconsciousness to the joy of inner peace and surrender.

Often people come to ‘The Heart of Tantra’ yoga system in order to simply have more inner peace or overcome a particular condition, illness or psychological disturbance. It is my experience and observation that all these benefits can be achieved through consistent holistic yoga practice and these initial obstacles are often gateways or invitations to look towards the deeper questions and tread one’s spiritual path.

‘The Heart of Tantra’ is an integral system of yoga for the development of one’s physical, mental and spiritual personality. If you are looking to improve the strength and flexibility of your body, to heal or calm the mind, then these benefits should definitely occur but it is not the full scope of the practice. In fact we can say these are a welcome by-product, the true value of this system being found within the experience of the subtle expansion of one’s consciousness into realms far beyond the mundane world: an experience of inner peace, a subtle perception of inner stillness and liberation from the fetters of the mind.

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